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Momma's In Town

Monday, a week ago, my mom flew in to visit me and Ruben in El Salvador.  She actually flew in to stay with me and keep me company as my husband left me for about three weeks.  Ruben is taking an intense training course called the IFI through the Christian Camps International ministry. When he graduates he will be certified to train the same courses on an international level.
So my mom was kind enough to fly down and keep me company.  We are having a great time. She is helping me paint, organize, and decorate my house.  I really am so thankful she is here with me and I am cherishing every moment.

The Send Off

Yesterday was our farewell/sending off service from our home church Buenas Nuevas.  It was a very sentimental time for Ruben and his Pastors.  Ruben has been a part of that church for about 12 years.  We both shared a little bit and the Pastor and elders prayed for us and our next phase of ministry we are stepping into.  The Melgars, who are the Pastors, gave us our pre-marital counseling and Pastor Otto married us.  Even though I was only there a short time I always felt very welcomed.  I know this was a hard step for Ruben but as Pastor Eileen said, "When a church sends off ministers, it is sad, but also so glorious and God blesses that church for sending off ministers into the field."

Treasured Prayer

This past week the Bible teacher and Children's Pastor at the School were I work asked if I could share with the kid's on this past Friday night in Oansa.  Oansa is the Spanish version of the children's program Awana's, in which I was part of one time in my life.  As usual, I was blessed more than the children I was sharing with.  We skyped with some local missionaries who are now serving in India and the children were able to ask them questions.  Then I shared a little of what I did and do and a testimony how God healed a women who could not walk instantly while I was with World Warrior's in Costa Rica. I then showed a slideshow of pictures.  There was a drama and then a time of prayer.  Three of my students were there and Mr. Guillermo, the Children's Pastor, told them to be in my prayer group.  It was incredible seeing these boys in a different environment, other than the classroom, and actually be able to minister and pray with them.  One of the boys was …

The World of Play

"Who will help the children? And how can children be helped if they are not understood? Someone must step forward and begin the process of awakening the Christian community to the unique needs of children and the dynamics of the way they communicate those needs through play. Children are persons created by God." - Forward from the book Counseling Children Through the World of Play by Daniel S. Sweeney

If you work with children I highly recommend reading this book.  You may not be counseling but if you work with children every moment you spend with them is a counseling session.  I am in the process of reading this book and it has not only helped me with the two girls I am counseling but, also, with my students in the classroom.  So often we forget what it was like to be a child.

"Children are the most wholesome part of the race, the sweetest, for they are freshest from the hand of God."

"Children grow and develop where they feel safe."

"To help them…

Ranting and Raving About TOMS

If you follow my blog you know I am an avid fan of TOMS. Not only are they just a super cool shoe but I see the evidence of their mission.  Yesterday and today Ruben was working with a Latin America Child Care School camp. He told me that TOMS sent down 17,000 pairs of shoes for every single kid that studies in a LACC school in El Salvador.  I think it is important that all you TOMS wearers know that it is legit and they are providing solid footwear for kids all over the world. I can attest to at least in El Salvador and Nicaragua where I have actually seen kids running around in their shoes completely  unaware that it is in style to have a pair.

Another reason for my loyalty to the company is I bought a pair for Ruben's birthday.  Due to advice given to me by many I bought a size down. Well, needless to say, after Ruben's excitement of having a pair of TOMS when he tried them on he couldn't even get his foot in.  Both of us were bummed.  I checked the site and they are way…

Open Doors

A few weeks ago the Pastor from Iglesia Vida Victoriosa contacted us about taking the position in their church as youth pastors.  We had shared with the youth before and also had given a workshop to their leaders.  The opportunity sounded great, the church is one year old, and growing incredibly.  We definitely were excited about the offer.  However, we took about two weeks to really pray for direction and wisdom.  We received that direction and decided to say yes.  We are now the new youth pastor's and we start this Thursday night.