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Fabiola's Miracle

Friday during our lunch hour a first grader, whom I have never talked with, asked me if I have ever seen a miracle.  I told her that I had.  She sat down by me and said that she prayed for her brother because he has Dengue and she wants to see a miracle.  Dengue Fever is an infectious tropical disease that is caused by mosquito bites.  So we talked about miracles and I just encouraged her that she will see a miracle; she will see her brother healed.  Please pray for the healing of Fabiola's brother and that her faith is increased by this miracle.  It was a very amazing conversation to have with a seven year old. And Fabiola's childlike faith really blessed and encouraged me.

Botanical Garden

I took my mom to one of the places where Ruben and I took some of our engagement pictures.  It is a beautiful botanical garden with 60 manzanas (1manzana=1.73 acres). However, only 4.5 manazanas are open to the public.  This botanical garden is the only one in the world located at the bottom of a volcanic crater.
There are more than 3,500 plant species from many parts of the world and Salvadoran territory. There are 37 different zones of plants which are organized in types of plants, common name, scientific name, and family.  If you are in El Salvador I highly recommend a visit.  The cost is $1.00 for adults and $.60 for children.  For more information you can check out their website:

Pizza Party

August 31 was the last day of school before the week long August vacation.  I teach English, Math, Spelling, Reading/Phonics to two second grade classes.

 My mom came with me to help out with the Pizza Party and she read Go Dog Go by Dr. Seuss. The kids loved it. They kept asking my mom how old she was because in this culture it is not considered rude to ask someone's age.  But my mom kept saying, "I'm older than Mrs. Kristal," and all the kids just walked away confused.  They were all shocked that she was my mom and kept telling her how pretty she was.