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Beauty Comes With a Price

The lake Coatepeque has always been breathtaking but with the mysterious color change this past week it is even more beautiful than before.  However, it's beauty comes with a price.  The results are back and according to MARN ( the reason for the water changing is because of an toxic algae.  They do not know the level of toxicity but they have declared a state of emergency for the lake as a preventative measure.  They are warning against drinking the water which is a big problem being that most people who live there also drink the water.  I also read that boiling the water does not kill the toxin.

Helping Oscar

Last Saturday night the worship team, from the King's Castle church that I worked at,  was involved in a a terrible car accident.  On Monday, I explained what happened to my students and we have been praying for the

 guys every single day this week; and in particular Oscar. Over the course of the week God has done a miracle in Oscar's body.  Thursday I gave the kids an update and also mentioned we need to pray that God provides financially to help pay for the hospital bills.  A few kids started taking out the coins they had to buy lunch and said, "We can help." I told them if they really wanted to help, they need to go home and ask their parents and tomorrow I will collect any money. The next morning, before I could even ask, my five students in the picture above all gave me money to help Josue.  All the kids wanted to make him "Get Well Cards" so these are some pictures of them working on their cards. They don't know Josue and he doesn't know them…

Nejapa Fire Ball Festival

Ruben has been telling me about the Nejapa Fire Ball festival for over a year now and I must say I have been looking forward to this strange and scary cultural experience.

The reason for this celebration dates back to 1658 when the volcano Playon erupted shooting bombs or balls of fire in the air.  The Spaniards and Indigenous people had to leave and actually move their town to, the currect location in Nejapa, because of the lava flow.  So they continue the celebration, as a remembrance, on August 31 of every year.  It is now a huge tourist attraction and it is safe to say that more than 1,000 people gathered last night, in the rain, for hours to see the fire ball throwing. It gets really crazy when the two sides start to throw the balls back and forth.  They even throw them into the crowds which is really scary and super dangerous.  But they do have police and the Red Cross out to attend to people who get burned.  The balls consists of tightly wrapped material with wire and soaked …