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My Classroom

I am a 2nd grade ESL teacher who lives in El Salvador so my bulletin boards are pure creativity with the help of pinterest.  I don't really have a classroom "theme" because I don't have enough resources or space to do so I kind of went with random.  The bulletin board above is my class rules which I found on pinterest.

 Of course, as a surfer, I could not pass up doing this bulletin board. It's my favorite.
 I really like this one because it helps the students with telling time.  I am going to by a clock to put up there and instead of my students asking me when is recess or when do we go home they can just look up at the clock and have their answer.

My Classroom Management Tools

I receive a new group of 2nd graders tomorrow and I decided to change some of my classroom management tactics I used last year.  I decided to use the "Caught You Being Good" method.  In which you have a container and the whole class works together to fill it up; you can use marbles, pompoms, or cotton balls.  I have two second grade classes so I have two different jars and I'm using cotton balls because I'm the one changing classrooms and my other class is upstairs so cotton balls are much lighter than marbles.  Basically, you reward the kids for good behavior and if someone is acting up, breaking the rules, you take out one of your objects.  Once the whole class has worked together to fill the jar I will give them all a prize of some sort.  I added a little something to this method. I made a yellow and red card that I will be using during the day to keep bad behavior under control.  I am an ESL teacher in El Salvador and soccer is the most popular sport. I don'…

New Year Preperations

My vacation didn't seem long enough because shortly after ringing in the New Year I was back to work.  My students don't start school until this Friday but the teachers started back on the 3rd.  What have we been doing these past few weeks? Well, mostly training classes, lesson planning, and decorating our classrooms.  I have a new room with more space so I have enjoyed looking on Pinterest and taking decorating ideas.  Thanks to my mom I have bulletin board border to use which gives my room an extra touch.  They don't sell it down here so you have to just cut poster board in strips and decorate with paint, glitter, or whatever you choose.  So having that border made my life way easier.  My students will also get a welcoming gift of all kinds of cool school supplies that were donated by Amy McHolland.  I'm almost ready for the 2013 school year to begin and get to new my new class.  I believe that the Lord is going to use me to not only teach my students but truly bl…