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Where God Guides; He Provides

I contemplated on whether to blog about this subject. However, I want to give God glory for all He has done.

  Ruben and I are Youth Pastor's we aren't on salary but we do receive a monthly offering.  I work as a Teacher and God has blessed Ruben with a teaching job at another Christian school but it is temporary. Both of our salary's put together is less than or about the same as a single mom's welfare check, just to put things in perspective.  We work full time as National Camp Directors with the Assembly of God which is completely volunteer but requires us to drive all over the country and gas is much higher here than in the states.  We have a ministry, Cazador de Tesoros, that runs camps and sometimes we receive offerings but many times it is us putting forth so that we can minister.  We have a few faithful supporters that, at times, have sustained us.  I'm not complaining but my life prior, even as a missionary, I never really had to "trust" in God f…