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No Traditional Thanksgiving For Me

I'd like to say I am accustomed to not celebrating Thanksgiving but I'm not.  I have been living out of the country since 2007 and maybe have had a traditional celebration once or twice.  Usually there is always some kind of ministry event in which I can't stay at home to cook.  This Thanksgiving Ruben is at a camp and I have graduation this evening.  I posted on Facebook that I may not have been able to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, or be with my family, or eat great food but this Thanksgiving is a little bit more special being that I have my husband alive and well by my side.  He came to close to death a few months ago and even though he lost his eye he has been incredibly positive; something only the Lord can do.  Since then our relationship has matured and we both are so much more thankful for what we have.  Even though I don't have all the traditional Thanksgiving stuff I still pause and reflect on all I have to be thankful for.

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Love and Hope

A few weeks ago we took our youth group, Conexion, to spend some time with the children that live in a small orphanage called Love and Hope.  The orphanage is about three blocks behind the church. Many of the children and youth come to our church. These kinds of activities are always great because you are showing God's love in a practical way and it is good for the youth of our church to interact with these children who need some extra love.  Everyone had a blast.  We had our youth leading games at different stations and at the end two piñatas.  Most everyone was impacted by one little boy who not only is an orphan but had braces on both legs and can't hardly walk without crutches.  I'm completely speculating here but it appeared that he had something like muscular dystrophy.  But that little boy was the most cheerful and happy one out there; He was an example to us all.

   "Do justice to the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the                 

Adventure in Cowboy Country

All the expats and missionaries will agree that pretty much every day, outside of the US,  is an adventure of some sort.  Once you start getting use to the culture and way of life those things start to become normal.  However, there are some things that happen that continues to remind me that I do live in another country.  Sunday Ruben and I left after worship service to travel to an evangelistic youth event in a little pueblo in the area of the country called Chalatenango. This little pueblo is about two and half hours away through bumpy, winding roads.  The reason for going was because the Pastor had set up a city wide event with the mayor's office.  The city government planned to have a youth event to warn and instruct the people since they are starting to have problems with gang members, from another town, coming and recruiting young boys into their gangs.  The church and local government are working together to try to prevent this problem from escalating.  The event was a…

Impossible to Turn a Blind Eye

Ruben and I have always been very compassionate to people on the streets begging for money.  In San Salvador, it is almost impossible to stop at a red light without someone coming up to your car begging for pocket change.  Most of them are maimed, elderly, or children. In El Salvador there isn't any kind of governmental help for them.  The other day, while doing errands, we came across three different people in which we helped.  One elderly man was deaf and mute, a young guy-little person- in a wheelchair and an older man who was maimed but also in a wheel chair.  A holy anger rises up inside me as I wonder what more can I do!  As we were heading back to our house we were in a lot of traffic and all of sudden I realize Ruben is going back the way we just came from.  I asked him where are we going and he told me, "Back to the stoplight, there was a man there I didn't help and I have to go back".  I was confused and wondering why do we need to go back through all that …