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Socks of Love

About a month ago my mom sent me something on Pinterest called Socks of Love. I thought that it was a great idea and perfect to give away at the homeless shelter that our youth group frequents.  Socks of Love is a pair of sock that is used as a gift bag and inside the socks is all kinds of personal items such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, ect.  Thanks to our youth group and others who contributed to this event we were able to give away over 90 pairs of socks filled with goodies and also their dinner.  At the homeless shelter there is always a line of people outside that aren't allowed inside because all the beds have been taken but if there happens to be extra food it is given to them.  So along with a plate of food we also had extra stuff that we were able to give to about 20 or so who were outside.   After we gave out the gifts we prayed with those who had needs.  I happened to go pray for two elderly men and asked what their needs were.  One of the men told me he…