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Let's Love Them

This past Sunday my favorite preacher, my husband, Ruben, preached in the regular church service on something very close to our hearts.  He talked about how God doesn't have any favorites and how we should have compassion on all people no matter what they look like.  We say we love the drunk or the prostitute but do we really.  To prove his point he asked various friends if they could come to our service and sit amongst the normal church goers to see if the church really practices what it preaches.  Side note: our church's motto is love, acceptance, and forgiveness.  We love and accept and God forgives and changes.  So three came as street people (street performer and skaters), two others came as gang members, and another came as a prostitute.  There were some people who saw the "gang members" and then decided not to sit on that row. Actually the row stayed empty for quite a while.  Probably the most commotion was caused when the "prostitute" came in th…