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From One Coast to Another

After seven years of living in El Salvador the Lord has called us to another country.  When I married Ruben I never dreamed we would live anywhere else. I love El Salvador and was called as a missionary to this country when I first came on an AIM trip with my church back in 1994 or1995.  When we got married I just assumed we would be here forever.  After Ruben's accident we received a few different words of prophecy from various people; some who knew us and others who didn't.  There was a common phrase in all the different prophetic words which was, "Ya'lls ministry is not just in El Salvador."  Not sure what that meant, we guarded it in our hearts.  Then things started changing and God started moving and that prophetic word started to become a reality.
   At the beginning of this year Ruben trained Master's Commission students in the area of camps in Nicaragua.  So we thought maybe this is what God meant. Us traveling to different countries, close by, and tra…