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Pregnancy Woes

My pregnancy woes are all the unsolicited advice I'm getting.  I've been scolded for wearing heels, eating spicy food, drinking one small cup of coffee in the morning, running, riding a boat, swimming in the ocean....give me minute I can probably think of some more.  I know pregnancy brings on a multitude of unwanted advice but being reprimanded about everything I do is a little more than I can take.  But I have been taking it gracefully (with a big smile), explaining that my Doctor has said it is ok.  That is my scapegoat...Well, I asked my Doctor; I mean who can argue with that.  I am pregnant and feel great....I'm not on my death bed. I don't feel like my life should come to an end.  I eat healthy and I'm in shape.  I think I am doing a good job of taking care of myself.  I have given up surfing since I'm pregnant; and I've checked it out and many women have surfed while pregnant. But I figure I'd be cautious plus I did move away from the Pacific;…

The Cayos Cochinos

September 15 is Independence Day in Central America and a National holiday.  Being that we have been here a little over a month and had not gone to the beach we decided to take advantage of the day and go on the Cochinos Cays boat tour with the pastoral family.  From Sambo, a Garifuna community outside of Ceiba, the boat ride was a little over 45 minutes.  I would have to say one who is fearful of water or the ocean probably wouldn't enjoy this boat tour because it isn't the type of boat you are probably imagining.  There are 15 keys in all and are part of the Bay Islands which also includes Utila and the more famous Roatan. The Islands are a marine protected area and part of Meso-American Barrier Reef second largest to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. But from what we are told the reef here is better protected.  

We saw many interesting wildlife. Dolphins swam next to our boat as we neared the Islands.  We saw an iguana type animal that they call a Jamo, a Pink Boa, which …

One Year Ago

Last night, laying in bed, Ruben and I were talking about how today is one year since his tragic accident.  He got real quiet and I asked if he was ok. He said, "I'm just sad. I wish I hadn't lost my eye."  I started to think about that night and reliving the horrible emotions and memories that came flooding back.  It was a terrible situation but I am so glad that we can look back and see what God has brought us through.  We can look back together.  Ruben can still see.  Now we are expecting a baby that he will be able to see and enjoy.  I don't know why we had to go through what we did. But we can see so much good that has come from it.  Ruben is so awesome. Even though it is sad and he misses not having his eye he has bounced back unbelievably.  Our lives are back to to speak.  I think because of this situation we are in Honduras serving as missionaries. We didn't run away because of fear but God started working in our hearts and speaking to us …

Count Your Blessings

I can't believe we have been living in La Ceiba for a little over a month.  Have we gotten used to this huge change? Not yet but we are getting there.  Things have been uncomfortable and very interesting but God has been so faithful.  I am so thankful that this week our electricity hasn't gone off once!!!! I am thankful that Open House went great.  I am thankful that this week has been a little cooler than the rest.  I am thankful that Baby Molina is growing and healthy and everything is going smooth.

  Honestly, I have been more focused on the "bad" things or the difficulties but after talking to my sister and God showing me through His word that we are obeying Him and His calling. He hasn't called us to be comfortable (just in case you thought we are ...we aren't).  God works through us best when we are out of our comfort zones.  So the Lord has told me it is time for an attitude change.  Stop focusing on the difficulties and put your focus on me.