The Cayos Cochinos


September 15 is Independence Day in Central America and a National holiday.  Being that we have been here a little over a month and had not gone to the beach we decided to take advantage of the day and go on the Cochinos Cays boat tour with the pastoral family.  From Sambo, a Garifuna community outside of Ceiba, the boat ride was a little over 45 minutes.  I would have to say one who is fearful of water or the ocean probably wouldn't enjoy this boat tour because it isn't the type of boat you are probably imagining.  There are 15 keys in all and are part of the Bay Islands which also includes Utila and the more famous Roatan. The Islands are a marine protected area and part of Meso-American Barrier Reef second largest to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. But from what we are told the reef here is better protected.  

Garifuna Fishing Village

Here, the Garifuna people, live off of fishing and tourism.

We saw many interesting wildlife. Dolphins swam next to our boat as we neared the Islands.  We saw an iguana type animal that they call a Jamo, a Pink Boa, which is native and only found on the keys.  We went snorkeling and saw some amazing coral reef in crystal clear and turquoise water.  


Pink Boa

It was a fun and beautiful trip.  Worth going on to see beautiful water, coral, and wildlife.  We had a great day of relaxation with friends that was long over due.


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