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Birth Story-Evan Jeremiah

Like all the other important days of my life, since living outside of the United States, the birth of our son was nothing less than an adventure.  My entire pregnancy was a breeze. I had no problems, whatsoever, and up to the last week the plan was a vaginal birth.  My last ultrasound was on Wednesday, March 4.  My Doctor said she always likes to have a radiologist do the last ultrasound to get a second opinion and make sure everything looks good.  So we went to the radiologist and she said that I had a lot of amniotic fluid.  Instead of the fluid decreasing, like it is supposed to, I was getting more fluid.  It also appeared, to her, that he was overdue.  So immediately after the ultrasound I had an appointment with my Doctor and she gave me two choices.  We could induce and see what would happen. At this point my cervix had not thinned at all nor was I dilated and they would still possibly have to do a c-section or  we could just schedule a c-section.  With a little research on t…