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Lights Out

I really enjoy living in La Ceiba. It is a beautiful place, rich in culture.  What I don't like are the very frequent and random power outages.  We've been told it's because of the hot climate; all the compressors can't function at the same time. Apparently, there is always a sector of the city that doesn't have electricity.  And when there are no lights there is no water.  You never know when it is going to happen but you can guarantee it's when I just started cooking, haven't taken a shower, or halfway through washing clothes.   As a result food ruins, I have to rewash soured clothes, and I look and feel like a hot mess.  The good thing is that when the electricity goes out during the day it is guaranteed to not go out at night.  When the lights go out at night it is torture; the heat and mosquitoes are unbearable. So now I give thanks to God when the lights go out during the day.  I actually wrote this blog with pen and paper because the electricity …