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The Miracle Montero

We moved to La Ceiba, Honduras almost ten months ago and we quickly realized the NEED for another vehicle such as a SUV or a truck.  The roads aren't made for cars, there is lots of flooding, and we needed more room for hauling teens from our youth group.  There are many places we  simply can't go because we don't have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Ruben and I decided to pray about this need instead of asking our supporters and friends for money.  We knew God would provide one way or another.  He heard our prayers and answered us.  With a very small savings and the help of a few of our faithful monthly supporters, and a few one-time gifts from some very obedient supporters we prayerfully decided on the purchase of our -new to us- miracle Montero.  God blesses those who seek his face and do His will.  He blesses those who give to missionaries.  Every one of our supporters is just as responsible for the lives touched here, in Honduras, as we are.  Without our supporters we co…