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How To Become an American Citizen

This is an how to article on "How To Become an American Citizen" for a baby who is born outside of the Unites States to one parent who is a North American citizen and one who is not.  I'd like to start off by telling you what not to do.

-Don't assume that just because you are an American Citizen that your child will have citizenship.

-Don't assume that it will be an easy process (This might depend on the country you live in.)

-Don't wait....the sooner the better.

-It's quite expensive so be ready to shell out some dough.

   Maybe others have had good and easy experiences but ours was neither of those two things. It was more like long, annoying, and frustrating.  Living in a Podunk town probably had something to do with it.  After, we filled out all the applications and we got together all the paperwork together (pictures of before we were married, after we were married,before, during and after pregnancy, 1040 forms, all school transcripts, all receipts,…

Celebrating the Children

On September 10, Honduras celebrated "El Día del Niño" (Children's Day).  The following Saturday we took our youth group to celebrate the children who live in a nearby Garifuna community.  To read about the Garifuna people you can check it out here: The Garifuna community that we visited is called Corozal. It is famous for its beautiful beach and delicious beach side restaurants where you can try an assortment of Garifuna delicacies. However, within the community itself there is a different face of Corozal. One that the tourist doesn't see.  It's an ugly face of sickness and poverty.  I enjoy and respect different cultures and the Garifuna culture has many beautiful aspects. But seeing the affects of sin and paganism was quite bothersome to me. Our youth group joined up with a Salvadoran family, who are missionaries to this community and live in Corozal, and the local library to celebrate Children's Day.  We …

Back to School

August has been a whirlwind of events as we started back to school with "back to school" youth group events. Then before I knew it, we are already half-way through September.  Here is a short recap:                                                                                                                                                   -School started and I was moved from Kindergarten (tears) to 5th grade. Huge change. I know. However, I am surprised at how much I love it.

-Sunday Morning Youth Service. We had a surprise Sunday morning service for all teenagers and young adults.  After the regular worship service we announced that all teenagers and young adults were to go into the other sanctuary for this event. We had all the ushers helping us and had a total of 123 young people with six salvations. After the service ended, we broke into groups: teens 13-18 and 18-and up. We were able to connect with all those young people who normally just come on Sunday mornings a…