Can It Be?

   Everyday I say to myself, "Go write a blog post; there is so much that has happened." Everyday I say, "I'll do it later." Have I done it? No. I haven't written one single post in 2016!  How can it be? So much has happened. I am pregnant with a little girl we are naming Zoe Fernanda, my sister is also pregnant and due 6 weeks later than me, there was a miracle in baby Joseph's body, our youth group did an outreach in a public hospital, we just had our yearly camp, we changed our youth service from Saturday to Sunday morning, Ruben is teaching in the Bible school, and the school year is almost over. Each one of those topics deserves its own post.  Life can be so hectic and complicated, even in another country, in a place much more slow paced than any I've lived in...except maybe Thibodeaux, Louisiana.


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