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A Lesson in Faith

When things go wrong sometimes it is hard to know if it is an attack from the enemy or if the Lord is allowing you to go through a learning process.  This past month and half has been hard; it's been one thing after another.  Many times I didn't know what to do or how to pray.  I didn't know if we were being attacked so I would rebuke any spiritual attack from the enemy and I would also pray, "Lord, let us learn what you want us to during this time." Because of being attacked physically, spiritually, and financially I felt like an emotional mess and the only one who could help was the Lord. (Don't forget I was also 9 months pregnant.)
   I could write a long list of all the "bad" things that happened or things that went wrong. Instead I'm going to touch on the biggest battles for us and how God showed himself faithful.  First of all, there was the high risk pregnancy and a possible abnormality in Zoe.  For the second time my amniotic fluid …