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A Stranger's Hands

Your most prized possession; your greatest treasure;  trusted into a stranger's hands.   I never imagined how hard it is for a mother to leave her children and go back to work; even worse leaving them with someone you don't even know.  I knew the day would come and, even before Zoe was born, I began praying for the person, who would come into our home, and take care of our precious children.
We are working missionaries sent from El Salvador to Honduras meaning we work to support ourselves because we don't rely solely  on supporters.
On top of being the Youth Pastor's
Ruben is the Director of the Physical Education  department and also the Disciplinary.  I teach English; which I love to do. For me teaching is one of the best ways to influence a life. Being that we depend on both of our salaries there was no way I could  stay home with the children. I had to trust God in a way I never had before.   We had to leave the country to renew our visas two  weeks before I star…