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Everyday Missions

Being a teacher is one of the best ways to impact a child's life; not just academically. This week one of my students was sitting with me during lunch, while he finished his work, because he hadn't finished in class. While he was working he started to open up  about his family life. Basically his home life is pretty rough. He told me he feels so bad when his parents fight and scream at each other. As we were walking back to class he asked if I would pray for him and his family with the rest of the class. So instead of  immediately going back to my lesson I called this student to the front and explained that we were going  to pray for him and his family. Many of my students chimed in saying their parents fight a lot so we prayed for them  as well.  Before he went back to his seat he said to me, "Mrs. Kristal do you think you and Mr. Ruben could keep praying for me and my family when you are at your house?" My heart broke and I told him of course we would be praying f…