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My Multi-Cultural Family

For those who don't know, my husband is Salvadoran. My children were born in Honduras. By law they are Honduran and I had to apply for their U.S citizenship.  So they are Honduran and North American by law and they are Salvadoran and North American by blood. They can have three different nationalities however, when they turn eighteen they have to choose two.

After saying all that our embassy visits and endeavors are always quite interesting.  This last time as I was in an interview both children had massive poop blowouts. Ruben had to change them because I was busy. We had no extra clothes for Zoe so we had to wrap her up in a blanket.  There's always something. The elderly gentleman that was helping me, after looking through all our pictures, seemed to soften towards me as he told me that both his children graduated from LSU. Even though he was an Alabama graduate (boo).

Once all the paperwork had been done and everything was set to go we had to leave the name and address of …