Bottle Weening In One Week

My only experience is my two children. I did the exact same thing with both of them and it worked great. I have a 24 month old and an eight month old. The eldest is a boy and youngest is a girl.  All children are different but since it worked great on my two I figured I should share so others can try. if your baby is older than 6 months, however, this method my not work so well.  The earlier you take the bottle away the easier it will be.

I am a breastfeeding mother. I breastfed exclusively for 6 months. No food, no trying anything until 6 months of age.  My son is not nursing any longer but my daughter is.  I'm also a working mom so I breastfeed when I'm with my chilld and I pump for when I am not.

Both children took three bottles during my work day.  When they turned 6 months I took half the milk from the last bottle and put half of the milk in a sippy cup, straw cup, whatever cup of your choosing. You have to play around to see what your child likes. My son never took a sippy cup and went straight for the straw.  My daughter would only take a sippy cup and now she drinks from both.  So half the milk is given in the bottle and the second half in a cup. It's important that child is not starving but also still wanting to drink milk.  I also gave a few ounces of water, in the same type cup, in between feedings.  The first day the last bottle was split in two and the last part given in a cup. The next day the last bottle was only given in a cup.  The following day only the first bottle was given and the other two feedings were in a cup. Before the week is up you are giving your kid all their milk in a cup and you can wash those bottles one last time and put them away.

Side note: They don't love it, at first, but they have to get used to it. It's important to find a cup the child likes. It also may work better with someone else other than the mother doing it.  I just gave the instructions to my babysitter since I never gave them bottles.


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