The Dreaded Stomach Bug

There has been an epidemic in our little town of La Ceiba for over a month now; a bad stomach virus with high fever. Every hospital, clinic, and doctor's office has been brimming to the rim with patients having the same symptoms.   The news blames it on a bacteria in the water. Yeah, the clean (supposedly) filtered water that we buy did not escape the bug.  All the hype of the virus had been coming to an end and I thought, "Whew, thankfully none of us got it." Well, last Monday Evan started having temperature and two days later all that comes with a stomach virus.  I started feeling some symptoms on Friday but it wasn't too bad. Saturday night, while at a graduation, Zoe started puking everywhere.  So that was a lot of fun.  Today she's starting to get better and now Ruben has it.  So far he's been hit the worst.  When a virus likes this hits it really makes you be thankful for when your family is well.  Walking in God's divine health is probably one of the best blessings one could have.  I thank the Lord that my children are well.  This is the very first time Zoe has gotten sick and she is almost one. Living in a country where things aren't quite as comfortable there are many things that remind me to thank the Lord for our many blessings.

-Thank you God that we have running water most of the time.

-Thank you God that the majority of the time we do have electricity.

-Thank you God that I have a home that hasn't flooded.

-Thank you God that we have enough to eat and more.

-Thank you God that my children have more than enough toys and clothes to wear.

-Thank you God we have our own vehicles.

-Thank you that my family is healthy.

The list could go on and on.  There is so much for us to be thankful for. I hate that something "bad" has to happen for us to remember that we are blessed. We are more than blessed.


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