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In the Midst of Burning Tires and Gunfire

It has been a week since the Honduran Presidential Elections and the TSE has not announced a winner. I'm not going to go into detail but  you can Google Honduras Elections and get the gist of things. I'm experiencing things, after 10 years of living overseas, I have never experienced before. Three days into the chaos I wrote this.

"It's only been three days of chaos,fear, uncertainty and worry. We had an escape plan; but now, even if we wanted to leave, we couldn't because every bridge is blocked. I've never experienced that feeling before. A feeling of entrapment or in a way, a feeling of abandondment. You start to wonder about your own country, who, at the moment,  act like nothing is happening. Do they even care about the U.S. Citizens that are here? Why haven't they done anything? They could send us a message on STEP or at the very least a statement on their Facebook  page acknowleding the situation.

It is surreal hearing gun shots and smelliing the burn…